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Moving to Australia from the UK is about as far flung a destination as you could find, so if you are thinking of moving there, you need to be sure that everything runs smoothly. At Britannia Ryans, we are a long distance removal company that has been helping our customers emigrate to Australia for decades.


We can provide a complete door to door service from your house in the UK to your new home abroad and our movers and packers can even pack and unpack all of your possessions for you if you would like us to.


International shipping to Australia from the UK

We provide various international shipping services, including air freight and groupage services and are also highly experienced at international car shipping and pet transportation. Whether you want to move all the contents of your home, or if you would prefer to transport your belongings in smaller shipments, we can accommodate your needs. If you choose to opt for a whole shipping container, we will make sure we seal it under your supervision, so you know that everything will remain just as you left it.


Free custom removal quotes and secure worldwide storage

When any of our customers decide they are moving to Australia, we always recommend that one of our professional home surveyors visit them at their home and conduct a free home moving survey to ascertain exactly what the move will entail. We provide this service for free and have found that it helps to alleviate any potential issues that could occur.


It may be that after the consultation, you decide to store some of your items for instance, and we have dedicated storage facilities both here in the UK and in Australia if you so require.


Removal insurance and transferring money

With such an important decision as emigrating to Australia from the UK, it’s vital that you insure your belongings for the journey. We offer a number of insurance policies which have proven to be suitable for long distance relocation.


If you are wanting to transfer currency, we can suggest Currencies Direct as a reputable transfer service.


Information on moving to Australia

By now, you should be ready to move to Australia and have no doubt done plenty of research about the benefits of living there. We hope that the following pieces of information will encourage you to start your new life down under:


  • Australia has one of the lowest pollution levels worldwide.

  • The landscape is stunning and the wildlife is often completely unique to the country.

  • The healthcare system is generally very well run and efficient.

  • The country has low unemployment levels and a strong and healthy economy.

  • Australia has the lowest population density of any continent, with around 6 people per square mile.


So, if the temptation of a sunnier way of life has gotten the better of you and you are close to emigrating, contact the international removal experts who are here to help ensure you new life starts off on the right foot. If you have any questions about our international removals or storage services, please email or call us on 0208 803 5151.


Moving onwards…

  • For a quick international moving quote, please complete the QuickQuote form on this page.

  • Have a look at our helpful international moving guides.

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