International Removals To Canada

Skyline of Vancouver city in Canada

If you are thinking of moving to Canada from the UK, or are making an extended trip and need to ensure your possessions are shipped there, then Britannia Ryans can help you to reach your destination safely and securely. We are an international removal company that has relocated many happy customers to Canada over the years and with more than three decades of removals experience, we guarantee a reliable and efficient service.


International shipping to Canada

Whether you want to move all your worldly goods, or just a few precious items (including pets or vehicles), we offer both air freight and groupage options. If you are moving a large number of items, we would recommend an entire shipping container, which will be sealed in your presence by our packers and movers and remain unopened until you arrive in Canada. If necessary, we will even pack all your items for you and can provide a complete door to door service.


Free pre-move home survey and international storage

Before you emigrate to Canada, we would recommend that you take up our offer of a free pre-move home survey, overseen by one of our surveyors. In doing this, we are able to create a custom quotation that takes into account all of your individual requirements.


Should you need to store your items permanently or just temporarily, we have a network of international storage facilities and are able to store your items both in the UK and in Canada.


Insurance and money transfers

We always recommend to our customers moving to Canada, that it is imperative that you insure your belongings for the duration of the journey. We can provide a selection of appropriate insurance policies that will leave you fully covered. Should you need to transfer any finances, we can recommend Currencies Direct as a money transferring service.

Helpful information

Now that you are ready to move to Canada, it’s probably too late for us to start telling you all of the reasons to move to this stunningly beautiful, welcoming, and peaceful country, but in case there is anything you may have missed, here we provide you with some useful information that may help you when relocating to the Great White North:


  • Healthcare in Canada is of a high quality and is available to everyone. Please bear in mind that before you arrive in Canada, you will need to take a medical examination.

  • Canada has a very high immigration rate, but you will need to prove you are a valuable resident and will contribute to the economy.

  • If you haven’t yet arranged employment in Canada, you will need to have around £7,000 in savings.

  • You are able to claim your UK state pension in Canada, but it will remain at the rate it was when you left the UK.

  • Become familiar with Craigslist if you are not already. It’s hugely popular in Canada and is a great resource for picking up almost anything (including properties).


So, are you now ready to make the big leap and relocate to Canada? If you are, then please feel free to ask our advice on moving there. If you have any questions about our international removals and storage services, then please email us at or phone us on 0208 803 5151.

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