International Removals To Japan

Bridge over river in Tokyo in Japan

If you are thinking of emigrating to Japan and are looking for experienced and affordable international removals experts, then you should contact Britannia Ryans. We are a London-based long distance removals company that, over our 30 years in business, has helped many of our customers to successfully relocate to Japan.


International shipping to Japan

We offer both air freight and groupage services to Japan, depending on what your requirements are. If you only have a few items you want to ship, then groupage should work out to be the most cost-effective option. Should you be transporting all your worldly goods, then it is most efficient to use a whole shipping container for your items, which our packers and movers will seal in your presence, ensuring your belongings arrive in Japan, just as you left them.


Additionally, we offer a complete door to door packing service, should you need assistance with making sure that all of your items are safely packed and transported from your UK home to your new one in Japan.


International storage services and free home survey

It’s possible you will want to store all or some of your belongings either in the UK or Japan, while you get settled in to your new country of residence. At Britannia Ryans, we have a network of secure international storage facilities and so can store your items for you in either country, and for as long or short a time as you desire.


You might like to take advantage of our free pre-move home survey service, which involves one of our experienced surveyors assessing your property to work out all the intricacies of your move. They will then be able to provide you with a custom quotation, that is fitted around your personal requirements.


Insurance policies and money transfers

It’s highly advisable to insure your personal items for the duration of your relocation to Japan. We can provide you with a selection of suitable insurance policies, which we have found to work well for our customers.


Should you need to transfer any finances, we suggest using a service such as Currencies Direct.


Information about moving to Japan

Emigrating to Japan is no small decision, and as the country is on the other side of the world to the UK, we imagine you have already done plenty of research on what it is like to move and live there. Just in case you may have missed some helpful pieces of information, here we offer up some useful tips and information for when you emigrate to Japan:


  • Japan is a relatively small country, but has a population of around 127 million people, and is the tenth most populated country in the world.

  • Although Japan has a reputation for being super high-tech, the reality is that a lot more antiquated technology is still widely used than here in the UK. Think 1990s fax machines!

  • Japanese hospitals tend to be open from around 9am to 6pm and are often closed on weekends.

  • If you’re having a drink in public, but have had enough, simply leave your glass full.

  • It’s considered polite to bring some food or drink with you, when visiting someone.

  • It’s standard practice for families to share their bath water, so if you are giving the honour of bathing first, do not pull the plug out!


Hopefully, you are now ready and prepared to move to the Land of the Rising Sun, and are anticipating all of the quirky, formal, and fascinating aspects of Japanese culture. So, if you have any questions about life in Japan, or about any of our removals or storage services, then please send us an email at or phone us on 0208 803 5151.


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