International Removals To Morocco

Main square of Marrakesh in old Medina in Morocco

If you are thinking about moving to Morocco or are planning an extended visit there, then you will need an experienced and trustworthy international removal company to help ensure your relocation goes smoothly. At Britannia Ryans, we have over 30 years of removals and storage experience, and as such offer an expert and trouble-free relocation service.

International shipping to Morocco

Whether you are moving everything you own, or just your most important items, we offer both air freight and groupage services, and can even transport your pets or vehicles for you. Groupage can often be an efficient choice as you will save money by shipping your belongings in combination with other peoples’.

If you are moving the entire contents of your home, we would recommend using a whole shipping container which our movers and packers will seal in your presence, so you can rest assured that everything will arrive in Morocco just as you left it.

International storage and free pre-move survey

If you are moving to Morocco then no doubt you will have a lot of possessions that you need to transport. Often, it’s more economical to store certain items until you are settled in or have decided on the layout of your new home. At Britannia Ryans, we have a network of storage facilities worldwide that are safe, secure, and affordable.

We recommend that before you move to Morocco, you take us up on our offer of a free home survey conducted by one of our professional home surveyors. They will visit you in your home and create a customised quotation that is designed around your individual requirements.

Shipping insurance and transferring finances

If you need to transfer any money, we would recommend using a service such as that offered by Currencies Direct.

If you’re emigrating to Morocco and taking most or all of your possessions with you, it’s very important that you insure them against loss, damage, or any other unforeseen circumstance. We can provide you with various insurance policies that prove popular with our other customers and cover against the most common issues that could potentially arise.

Helpful information

If you are now ready to emigrate to Morocco, you most likely have done your research and know about all of the benefits this country has to offer. Here, we provide some useful information which may come in handy when you finally make the move:

  • Morocco is officially called the Kingdom of Morocco.

  • As in the UK, football is very popular in Morocco and the Moroccan team were actually the first African and Arabic country to reach the second round of the World Cup, in 1986.

  • Al-Qarawiyin University is thought by many to be the oldest in the world, having been founded in the year 859 AD.

  • Although the capital city is officially Rabat, the most populated city is Casablanca, which has over 4 million inhabitants.

  • Although it is in Africa, Morocco is only eight miles from Europe via the Strait of Gibraltar.


So, we imagine you are now more than ready to move to Morocco, and if you would like to find out more about what it is like to relocate there, or if you have any questions about our services, please email or phone us on 0208 803 5151.

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