International Removals To South Africa


Houses by the coast of South Africa

Have you decided it’s finally time to leave the grey skies of the UK for the sunnier climate of South Africa? With a lower cost of living, incredible wildlife and scenery, and also some of the world’s largest and finest vineyards, it’s easy to see why so many UK residents have decided to emigrate there.


At Britannia Ryans, we are a long distance moving company that has been providing international removals to South Africa for decades and as such, are familiar with all of the considerations that need to be taken into account when moving there.


Shipping to South Africa from the UK

If you are moving to South Africa and need to ship your belongings there, we offer various international shipping services including air freight and groupage services. If you plan to transport all of your possessions in a storage container, we will seal it in front of you so you can be assured that all of your items will arrive in your new country just as you left them.


Additionally, we provide an optional door to door service whereby our fully trained movers and packers will pack and unpack all of your possessions for you, and we also offer pet and car shipping to South Africa, if you so desire.


Pre-move survey and storage solutions

We recommend that before the relocation, one of our experienced surveyors visits you at your UK home in order to assess exactly what you intend to ship to South Africa. They will be able to create a custom moving quote for you, tailored to your personal requirements, free of charge.


If you have items that you want to store either in the UK or South Africa, we have a network of storage facilities available in both countries, so whether you need to store your items permanently or just for a little while, you can be confident that everything in the storage units will be just as you left it.


Insurance and money transfer options

We strongly recommend that you insure your valuable items for the duration of the relocation. You may have already organised this yourself but if not, we can provide various insurance policies to meet your requirements.


If you would like to move any money, we have found Currencies Direct to be a good money transferring service.


Information on emigrating to South Africa

We understand that if you are embarking on a new life in South Africa, you will have already done your research on the advantages of living there. Just in case you may have missed any of the more practical factors to consider, we list some useful information below:


  • In South Africa, you will need to pay for any health care you receive.

  • It is advisable to get vaccinations against typhoid, rabies, cholera, and hepatitis A and B.

  • You can still claim your UK state pension, but it will not be index-linked.

  • South Africa is almost in the same timezone as the UK, so you can chat to your friends and family without interrupting them from deep sleep! We recommend Skype for free international calling.


Hopefully, you are now ready and waiting to move from the UK to South Africa and are looking forward to all this stunning country has to offer. If you have any questions for us about relocating to South Africa or any questions about how we work, please email us at or telephone us on 0208 803 5151.


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