International Removals To Thailand

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If you have finally decided to leave the grey skies of the UK behind and move to the sunny and bustling streets of Thailand, then you will need the help of a long distance moving company that is experienced, reliable, and cost-effective. At Britannia Ryans, we are a London-based international removals company that has helped many people relocate to Thailand over the 30 years we have been in business.


International shipping to Thailand

We provide various shipping services to Thailand, including groupage and air freight options. If you require a whole shipping container to transport your possessions, our movers and packers will seal it in your presence, so you are guaranteed that your belongings will arrive in Thailand just as you left them with us. We also offer a full door to door packing service if you would like us to take some of the pressure off of you.


International storage and free pre-move home survey

It’s likely that if you’re moving overseas, you will want to store some of your items for the short or long-term. We have a network of international storage facilities in both the UK and abroad, which are fully equipped and highly secure.


We offer our customers a free home survey which is conducted before you relocate, and allows our experienced surveyors to work out exactly what your individual needs are. We can then compile a bespoke quotation that is perfectly suited to your requirements.


Insurance policies and money transfers

When moving abroad, it’s prudent to insure your possessions and as such, we can recommend a number of suitable insurance policies to ensure you are covered if the worst happens.

If you also need to transfer any currency, we can recommend a service such as Currencies Direct.

Useful information

If you have already decided you are going to emigrate to Thailand, then you have most likely done your research and are well aware of the many attractions that the country has to offer. So instead of singing the praises of this vibrant and exciting country, here we list some useful information about moving to Thailand:


  • Thailand is home to a large number of expats and it won’t take you long at all to find some fellow Brits to befriend, and learn about the nuances of Thai culture from.

  • Buying a property or a plot of land in Thailand is generally a real challenge, so be prepared to rent your accommodation.

  • Thai people tend to revere their monarchy, so unlike in the UK, ensure you don’t offend any locals by criticising the establishment.

  • If you are involved in a road accident, be prepared as the ‘foreigner’ or ‘farang’ to be held liable. This is most often the case when such disputes occur.

  • Thai nationals tend to be very patriotic and are proud to be the only Southeast Asian country which has never been subject to colonial rule.

  • The cost of living in Thailand is lower than in the UK, so although certain specific imported items are expensive, the majority of your expenditure will be far lower.


Hopefully, you are now nearer to being ready to emigrate to Thailand. If you would like any advice on moving there, or would like to find out more about our removals and storage services, please email us at or telephone us on 0208 803 5151.


Moving ahead...

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  • Have a look at our useful guides on moving abroad.

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