International Removals To The USA

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If you are thinking of emigrating to the USA from the UK and are looking for an experienced international removals company to assist you with relocating to America, then Britannia Ryans can help. With over 30 years experience of successful removals to the USA, we understand all of the necessary procedures and requirements involved.


Shipping from the USA to the UK

Whether you would like to transport all of your household items or just one piece, we provide air freight and groupage services and can even transport your pets and vehicles to your new home. If you need a whole shipping container for all your belongings, we will seal it in your presence, so you can rest assured that everything will remain safe and untouched until you arrive in America. We can provide a complete door to door service and offer an optional packing service should you need assistance.


Free home survey and international storage

Before shipping your items to America from the UK, we recommend one of our surveyors visit you at home to perform a free pre-move survey. This way, we can work out your exact requirements and can offer suggestions on how to pack and transport your belongings in the most secure, cost-effective, and efficient way.


If you would like to store any of your items for as short or as long as you like, either in the US or here in the UK, we have dedicated storage facilities available in both countries.


Insurance and financial transfers

As you are transporting your entire lifestyle to a new country, it’s advisable to insure your possessions for the move. We offer a number of insurance options that we have found are the most suitable policies, when relocating to the USA from the UK.


Should you need to transfer any funds, we have had good experiences with Currencies Direct.


Helpful information

If you are planning on moving to the USA, you already know what a great country it is and how much freedom and spectacle it has to offer, so rather than list all of its attractive qualities, we have included some useful information for your USA relocation:


  • You don’t need any vaccinations in order to move to the USA.

  • You will still receive your UK state pension there.

  • There is no NHS equivalent in the US, so medical insurance is a must.

  • Unemployment is very low, so acquiring a work visa can be challenging.

  • Random fact: you should never overtake a US school bus which is letting passengers off, as you will be liable for a very substantial fine!


So, if you are ready to move to America and are looking forward to the lower house prices, large open spaces, and high standard of living, then why not contact us with any questions you may have. If you have any queries about any of the removal and storage services we provide, please email us at or phone us on 0208 803 5151.


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  • View our helpful guides on moving overseas.

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