Secure Document Storage & Record Management


Record management archive

Document storage

Our document storage services will give you peace of mind that your important business documents and records are safely stored away and taken care of. With the costs of office space consistently rising in London where we are based, and also across the rest of the UK, freeing up space by archiving documents and records in offsite document storage makes good business sense.

Record management

As well as document archiving, we also offer a record management service for legal companies, health officials and accountancy firms. These important and confidential documents are electronically tagged and safely stored. If the documents are needed by their owners, they can be requested at any time and delivered within just a few hours.

Document delivery and collection service

We also provide our clients with a document delivery and collection service. We can deliver one file or a whole bundle, depending on what you require. The documents we look after are stored in tapeless document storage boxes, which are very easy to assemble and very strong. They are also designed to be moved regularly, whilst remaining safe and secure.  

If you would like to know more about our document storage solutions and why we offer more than other document storage companies and record management companies, please give us a call on 0208 803 5151 or email us at

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